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List of non-newsletter pages on this site

I (marius851000) have decided to made some pages in this site. Feel free to create new pages with the page: prefix, and to add them here. Note that I made no hard guarantee about the quality of this website, although I'll try to keep it accessible for a long enough time. Feel free to copy stuff or run a scraper.

  • Credit : A list of person who contributed some way or another to the Mystery Dungeon rom-hacking. Be it by making rom, doing sprites/portraits, programming, doing reverse engineering, and many other kind of stuff.
  • FAQ page : Some random note about PMD, and in particular, the SkyTemple community.
  • Commission list : A list of commission-able artists (and others kind of people, when/if they will exist) I've made. Please note that I'm not familiar with how commission work. (it looks like it's just paying an artist to do work). This page is not yet editable. I'll make it editable later. If you need to edit it, tell me.
  • how_to_use_custom_music: A tutorial on adding custom musics during cutscenes (US/EU)
  • Tilesets list : A list of reusable tilesets. This is probably out of date, with not even my own tilesets. Edit thing is the same as the for the commission lists.
  • Hack archive : An archive of hack-roms that I (marius851000) maintain. It is not yet publicly editable, and it may never be (depend if I take time to find an appropriate way to handle edits here). You can find old version of roms, as well as roms not present in the SkyTemple hack list (be it for moderation purpose or otherwise).
  • Archive of other contents : An archive of various stuff, also handled by myself. It'll probably need some cleaning. In particular, you have a list portraits, and the data used by the hack archive (including roms and metadata). It can mirrored with rclone and the http remote.