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Credit of (P)MD rom-hacking

The goal of this page is to create a kind of “credit” on people who did something related to Mystery Dungeon rom-hacking (not necessarily Pokémon). It's not important if the relation is far-fetched, as long as it exist.

Use a list for those people, sorted by alphabetical order. If you don't want to appear, contact me (Discord: marius851000#2522, email:, ActivityPub: I'll remove your name from the list, and contact peoples who re-add your name to tell them not to. You can also do this if there are just some info you don't want to see appear here. I'm still not sure if I'll credit them under an “anonymous” person, however.

Of course, feel free to add yourself or others. You can use an account, but that is not required. If you use an account, I could contact you by mail. Otherwise, please include one way to contact you in the edit summary (for example, you Discord username).

Keep name sorted by alphabetical order. If you have a better idea on how to present this, I'm welcome.

  • Capypara (was: Parakoopa) :
    • Created SkyTemple, the most used editor for PMD: Explorers.
  • EddyK28 :
    • Made the PSMD/GTI Lua mod loader, including a freecam mod (even during dungeons and cutscenes), a team name editor, species changer and item giver.
    • Made the PMD world map.
    • Did reverse engineering for PSMD/GTI.
  • Marius851000 :
    • Did reverse engineering of PSMD/GTI and Explorers.
    • Implemented some functions related to sprites in SkyTemple.
    • Made a translation tool for PSMD.
    • Worked on the PMD: Delusion and the PMD: Victorious hacks.
    • Write the PMD rom-hacking newsletter (a.k.a this site).