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What was #decimeter-shrine

Video explaining what is this stuff around Decimeter (archive).

The decimeter shrine was removed around the 6th january 2022. It's apparation were controlled by the swablu bot.

Deletion reason by Capypara :

Heya! Due to concerns, I have decided to tone down the meme-ness of how I used to run this server. No more icon changes and I also archived the Decimeter shrine and removed the memy roles. Please confine memy behaviour to the dumpster channels (see the role in rules-and-roles to get access).
Sorry for making people uncomfortable and I hope we'll all continue to have a great time here!

Where is rule 9 ?

By Decimeter

The joke is that this server used to have 8 rules so para added the emote as a joke
But then we needed a new one because of Stuff
And he also wanted the emote still


What's with the 404 page of the website

Well, saw that on a SkyTemple iceberg, and it might be fun to explain it

For some reason, some developers find fun to associate HTTP error code with cats (some did that with dogs too). With http/https (a.k.a websites), the client (the browser) communicate with the server (the website). The server can return a code, indicating the type of response. This may be a success message (200), error message (like 404) or other message asking the client to perform some additional task before having a more complete response (like a redirect). 404, in particular, is the error message for when a page of a website does not exist (thus, not found).

The picture in question seems to come from a collection by Tomomi Imura (, with some api at for some integration ( but I (marius851000) highly recommend storing those files in your server, as a way to reduce dependancy with external service. But you would only mind about that if you host a website with those cat picture as error page

Oh ! And here is the Wikipedia page listing those codes, if you are interested .

What is SkyEditor

By evandixon in the SkyTemple Discord server

Sky Editor (the Rom Editor, aka Sky Editor version Old) is the old one that does PSMD, GTI, and Explorers. Sky Editor (the Save Editor) does Explorers abd RT.

Sky Editor DX is a rom editor for RTDX, rewritten and using very little of the old stuff.
DreamNexus is a fork of Sky Editor DX that adds new features and replaces the UI with something that can do more than edit starters. And it kinda became the main version due to my own inactivity.