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Update on the rom hacking scene of pokémon mystery dungeon (all games)

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How to write for this newsletter ?

Do you thing some things should be changed ? Contact me (marius851000)

Check that you know what this is about

If you haven't already, read some of the latest article. This might help you to know what this is about.

Check the rules, including the goals of this site.

How a page is organized

Also see the template. The template is copied each week for the current week news. If, at the end of the week, before publication, no news are present under a title present in the template, this title should be removed.

Level 1 title ( ====== Level 1 title ====== ) under the form “PMD ROM Hacking Weekly - [date]” (date in the form “6th december 2021”).

For each game with news content

For each game, a new level 2 title should be put. For content covering multiple games, they should be grouped. Most likely groups are “GBA/DS PMD games” and “3DS PMD games”. Only include rom-hacking related news here. Non rom-hacking news will be put at the end of the newsletter. If a news cover all games or more than just a single group, use “general”. You can also include category for non-PMD games.

General news

News not pertaining to a more precise categories goes here. Examples include news for specific hacks or SkyTemple's hack-jam. You should indicate where the you got the information (the most common one is Posted by [name] in the SkyTemple Discord server )

You are free to format however you want, but the best way is usually to include, in a quotation, the message which was shared.

New Communiy Assets

That's were new assets, that could be use in rom-hack for this game, are.

Overall, even if many custom art for Explorers could be reused in Rescue Team, you should include it in the Explorers category, except if it was specifically made for Rescue Team. This may change if the Rescue Team rom-hacking became easier to use.


This is were new pokémon are stored. Content to SpriteCollab will be added by marius851000 at the end of the week with an automated program. You should usually left this as-is.

Fakemon should be included in another section.


Specific for custom portraits/sprites not in SpriteCollab, and not planning to be submitted there : If it is avalaible in a SpriteCollab-compatible format (as in, it can be imported in SkyTemple), leave a note. marius851000 will also run it's program for it, generating a nice preview of sprites and portraits. If you have many sprites/portraits not eligible for SpriteCollab, I can invite you to a private server, on which I have my own copy of SpriteCollab running, called NotSpriteCollab (note: it's only online when I manually run it).

Other art content should be formatted like other general news, but in this category.

You should ensure to include the term of use stated by the author, and say who is the author. If no term of use is stated, indicate that permission should be asked to the author before use. If the author is unknown, and no term of use from the original author is avalaible, you should write that you do not know the original author, but state from who you got it.

project specific progress

For project using publicly accessible repository using version control (like Git), a new subsection can be implemented. Such projects include :

  • SkyTemple and their related project
  • SkyTemple randomizer
  • DreamNexus
  • RRT decompilation

In adddition to the general section, covering new releases and other general news to these project, there are three sub-category:

  • New features
  • Fixes
  • Changes

Inside of each of these sub-category is a list of commit. They are in the format

  • Commited by [author/authors] (make it a link to the Pull Request/commit page) : description of the change


Under this category, other news related to mystery dungeon, but not to it's rom-hacking can be included. Exemple include the community spotlight from Reddit, or new episode of Arceus's Wish

Keep the same formatting as general news

About this newsletter

This will replace Editor's note

You can include here news specific to this newsletter.


Here, if you added new content for this week, you can put your name or other indentifying information (or not) here.

Other things to be aware

You need to have an account on this site. Also, the history of pages is saved. However, I can manually remove a specific version of a page if necessary. Your username will be linked to your contribution. Password is hashed server-side. It's always better to use a unique password with password manager. That'll be something less I'll have to worry. IP is anonymazed with the anonip plugin.

Link to the current week news is avalaible at the start page of the org section.

I usually publish newsletter around 18 UTC on Sunday.

Files should be published in the files namespace