PMD rom-hacking weekly

Update on the rom hacking scene of pokémon mystery dungeon (all games)

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Goal of the "PMD rom-hacking weekly" newsletter

Central goals :

  • Sharing what is happening/happened related to the rom-hacking of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (and can be extended to other Mystery Dungeon too. I (marius851000) is just not much aware about this).
    • Is dedicated to rom-hacking, but may also talk about other things in the Mystery Dungeon fandom, thought this should be put at the end, after the rom-hacking specific content.
  • Be accessible with people that doesn't use Discord
  • I (marius851000) also use this to store content related to PMD, (like spritesheet), but this will need to be updated to include new content, and also allow user to submit content themselves (plan: transform commision list, faq and tilesets to wiki page, create a page for fakemon, but I plan to keep the archive list as is, at least right now).