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Commission list

This page contain a list of different commission by various author I have collected. If you figure something missing, incorrect or outdated, feel free to contact me.


I've updated my commission sheet, let me know if you have any questions :cyndaheart:

-Prices are in USD, I take Paypal

-Link to my Twitter

-Order via this form


Extra notes:

  • Portraits for a Pokemon with an existing Normal portrait are $12 each.

  • Giving an existing Pokemon the full set of animations a normal starter has would be around $300. This includes all 22 animations, offsets, and the xml file. It's a lot of work!

  • Questions? Feel free to message me

DunkingDucks#9030 (aka DonkinDo)

ixelart commission! Game insertion focusing, good at reproducing styles, those are my more experienced ones, still able of other things. If you have money to spend on this, of course. #Pokemon #pixelart #commissionsopen #FireEmblem #pokemonmysterydungeon

Wyvernagon#8227 (aka Triss/Wyverna)

PMD Body Sprites 35$/ PMD Portrait Sprites $30 twitter thread commision link

Editor's note: I was unable to find a commision sheet, so instead here you have one of her spritesheet


posted on Discord

Oh, I am also taking coms of these, but only for the default portrait for 15$ on my Ko-Fi if anyone is interested

Last updated: ven. 04 juin 2021