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Update on the rom hacking scene of pokemon mystery dungeon (all games)

PMD ROM Hacking Weekly - 14th november 2021

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Explorers ROM Hacking News

SkyTemple hack list avalaible !

There is now a public list of all ROM Hacks here:

If you want yours submitted, contact us via Modmail.

Previously, there kinda were a list of hacks, in the form of a Discord channel.

First major release of Explorers of the Unknown !

At long last, the first major update to PMD: Explorers of the Unknown is finally here! You can go play it right now at! Oh, and one more thing:

One day, a human wakes up in the middle of nowhere, having turned into a Pokémon.

Not too long after, they stumble upon Team Basil, a friendly exploration team.

What marvelous adventures await our recruited hero?

Find out in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Unknown!

direct download link for the patch

Progress on Explorers of Alpha

On twitter by @EoAlpha_off

Progress update about Alpha:

Finished Special Episodes re-revamp (still have a game mode to do). Added two game segments: one is a small new segment, Split-Decision Aegis Cave, where you get a new boss gimmick during story (and no, you don't need stones to proceed in Alpha)


Gen V Sturdy goes brrrrrrr

Thanks End for the help during the development and Irdkwia for the extra needed information about Sturdy 👀

Soulless disqualified

Hi! We, the mods and the jury, have decided to disqualify the hack The Soulless Life from the hack jam.

After a period of consideration we determined the hack is in violation of Rule 6. When submitting hacks, please make sure they don't violate any of our rules and please don't try to push the rules.

Because of this, if you voted for the hack, please change your vote now. The hack will also not be listed in our hack list anymore.

(last emphasis mine)

New Community Assets

(no) Pokemon

Due to a technical issue, I can't share with reasonable effort the new changes. I'll catch that as soon as I can (hopefully next week).

Rescue Team Hacking News

RRT Decompilation progress


Community highligth

Here are the 3 community highlight that were shared on reddit since I last wrote about them :

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