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Update on the rom hacking scene of pokemon mystery dungeon (all games)

news about mystery dungeon rom-hacking from 23/03/2021 to 28/03/2021

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pokemon rumble

while this is not a mystery dungeon game, I still decided to include it, as it's a really interessing one, including reference to mystery dungeon - AbsolBlogsPokemon made a video sharing how he was able to add gen 2 and 3 pokemon into pokemon rumble.

rescue team

red RRT decompilation

for those who don't know decompilation, it is the idea to recreate part of the source of the game based on the released game - Miscellaneous Work (Again) - some data moved to src. About a 0.02% jump - Document rescue team name/points and funcs - Decomp more wonder mail - Split some more data up (dungeon stuff is slowly getting pruned to different files) - Combined personality_test files into one

explorer hacking


explorer of skies

v1.0.6 was made avalaible. Here is the short changelog.

Here's Skies 1.0.6! This update changes the buying and selling values of all consumables, throwables, evolution items and treasures!

  • Complete Item and Kecleon Shop overhaul! All items have a new buying and selling value (documented in the changelog) and the Treasure Town Kecleon Shops offer a wider variety of items (Vitamins, Ginsengs, Nectar, Joy Seeds, Evolutionary Items, etc. Specifics are documented in the changelog)
  • Changed Alolan Vulpix/Ninetails names from A.Vulpix/Ninetails to just Vulpix/Ninetails. I figured having an alolan/galar distinction in the name isn't needed.
  • Buffed Steam Groudon
  • Slightly buffed the Luxio Tribe
  • Buffed Mespirit
  • Buffed Grovyle
  • Buffed Spiritomb
  • Buffed Kabutops and Omastars
  • Added some easter eggs...

download link and a big changelog can be found on the project pokemon page

pmd retold

explorer of hell

copy of the discord announcement, with minor change

Hi everyone, here is some news about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Hell! First of all I'd like to thank beta testers who tested and are currently testing the first demo of the game. If you want the role, don't hesitate to ask me (on the discord server)! And now, let's have some news and screenshots :

  • You will have access to "farms" dungeons with the spinda coffee. You will be able to farm the IQ, money, and get some importants items like the Friend Bow.

  • Some pokemon abilities have been changed or added. I won't spoil everything, but for example, Cranidos gets Rock Head, Ninetales gets Drought, Ponyta and Rapidash get Quick Feet instead of Run Away etc...

  • The puzzles in the Aegis Cave will be much easier to do, the stones will take less time to find, for example the Ice Aegis Cave will only have Unown I, C and E.

More news incoming! Thank you to those who support the project!

image of a fight with legendaries pokemon (click, no preview)


a video where the player only answer the gender question, as well as select partner/player pokemon, and the partner name



Sorry, no picture for change yet... But I made progress in it, including rewriting the code in rust.