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news about mystery dungeon rom-hacking from 17/03/2021 to 22/03/2021

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explorer hacking


Explorer of hell

Explorer of the spirit

copy of the changelog shared on Discord

Act 2 Has Arrived!

Version 0.34 of Explorers of the Spirit is available now! Your previous save file can be transferred to this new release! See the new "Transferring Saves & Upgrading" txt.


Features & Bug Fixes - Added Chapters 7, 8, and 9 (aka Act 2) - Added patch support for the PAL version of Explorers of Sky - Swapped US Explorers of Sky patch compatability (The previous patch 1 is now named patch 2, and vice versa) - Added Breloom portraits (credit: DonkinDo) - Changed Breloom's dungeon dialogue - Fixed an issue where Eevee's attack animation (in cutscenes) froze them in the sky - Fixed Ally 4's movement in the post-Apple Woods cutscene - Removed Zubat from the dinner scene post-Apple Woods - Normalized the BGM fadeout values for numerous scenes - Various minor changes to prior cutscenes/scripts

Gameplay Adjustments - Redesigned Mt. Bristle: - Now a normal type dungeon instead of steel type - Levels have been raised from 7/8 -> 8/9 to 8/9 -> 9/10 - Geo Pebble and Stick spawn rates have been increased - Other item spawn rates have been proportionately reverted to near-vanilla rates - Eevee: - Removed Run Away ability - Phanpy: - Added Mud-Slap as a move learned at Level 1 - You will need to start a new game for this to take effect - Tentacool: - Removed Liquid Ooze ability - Changed entity spawn positions in the second boss fight - Increased the spawn rate of Apples and Big Apples in Apple Woods

TRAILER on youtube


Team EotS is once again looking for feedback for the new release! While direct feedback via DM or the EotS Discord is preferred, the previous anonymous feedback form was also given heavy consideration when making design choices for this release. Thank you in advance for any response! new online feedback (google form)

download link v 0.34 (discordcdn) (don't use it, update avalaible)

later was released v0.35

/!\ Day 1 Hotfix /!\ - New patch to fix a crash that some have experienced during Chapter 9 in 0.34, let me know if there's still issues here

download link (discordcdn) (don't use it, update avalaible)

even later was released v0.36

Technically-Still-Day-1 hotfix for loading inside the guild when saving during Chapter 9. I think this is really it now, but if there's anything else please report!

download link (discordcdn)


  • complete team control was updated to v1.2.2 and v1.2.3.
  • Fixed a bug with looking at a temporary party member's moves. You can now look at a temporary party member's moves as if it was a permanent party member.
  • This prevents players from selecting the quicksave option in the rest menu while they're controlling a partner, to prevent bugs. I can't believe I created CTC two years ago and didn't think about this until now.