PMD rom-hacking weekly

Update on the rom hacking scene of pokemon mystery dungeon (all games)

news about mystery dungeon rom-hacking from 10/03/2021 to 16/03/2021

rescue team DX hacking


  • logging via TCP has been added
  • additional headers has been added
  • a file system API has been added
  • fixed preset teams are read from a file
  • actor database is read from a file
  • starters are read from a file

explorer hacking




bug fixes


  • version 1.0.8 was released :
  • Fixes a crash related to the "Temporal Pinnacle" music track
  • Fixed wrong script handling related to the background scrolling command. This hopefully fixes a crash that can occur in the first cut-scene Grovyle shows up.
  • support for 32 bit is added in the randomizer