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Discontinuation of the newsletter

TLDR: you won’t have new newsletters from me. Everything else stay the same.

So… I’ve decided to discontinue the newsletter. Note that this only include the newsletter. I’ll still keep:

  • This wiki (including newsletters archive)
  • NotSpriteCollab and it’s viewer
  • The hack archive

And other unmentioned services online. However, I plan to move the peertube server to another URL under, for a more personnal usage (while still hosting my PMDs videos on it — and videos of those who are interested in posting PMD-related videos on Peertube (and maybe a bit more)).

I also still have to decide what I do of the SpriteCollab (and NotSpriteCollab) changelog. I’ll probably keep them around, but maybe somewhere else. I’ll update this message when I have decided about this (maybe posts on Mastodon? The code itself is generic, and just generate HTML).

Additionally, if you want to continue the newsletter here, feel free to ask me (or do it independently on your own platform — if you need, I can host the website —).

Actually, if you have any question or comment, you can contact me. As usual, at (mail), (ActityPub/Mastodon) or (Matrix). Or Discord if you are here too.


So for why I did that… That’s actually something I planned to do for some time (I don’t know exactly for how long… Probably around 6 months), due to simply lack of motivation. While I still things the reasons for hacking a newsletter like this one are still valid (that is: being world-readable, on an open protocol, with more permanent storage and co, as well as in a more structured format, grouping announcements from various channels), I’m now unable to continue to update them without forcing me too much to do this.

I have seen updating them like a chore — wouldn’t be much of a problem if it were quick, but it often took multiple hours per weeks (which kinda hurt me, even thought I have ample free-time, both during before my employment, and during my new employment (before, I was actually basically free every time. My new job was found quickly, but the employer had to do a bunch of paperwork. And now, I have a work contract at 31h per weeks. Add around 40 to 1h30 of driving or taking the bus (40 is for driving), which make something around 35 hours of work invested on this per weeks — still too much, but I’ll probably never be happy being required to work on anything. To be fair, even if I have the choice to not work, I’ll probably easily accept up to 4 hours of work per days 6 days over 7 if it help others. But I digress).

So, after starting to write a retrospective of this years (not finished, mostly for finding motivation), I found that I still have to decide what to do of this newsletter. And that’s what I did. Sorry for anyone who depended on it.

In addition, those last few months, even playing hacks does not make me as happy as before. In itself, it’s not the first something I like become a chore to work with — it already happened multiple times around PMD hacking, but this one has been particularly long. After all, I often find it funnier to write code that than to play a game, in particular if it involve reverse-engineering. And I have other time-consuming games (Hello Heart of Iron 4 and Equestria At War).

Anyway. I’ll stop writing this (have to do that at one point after all). I’ll still stay around the PMD hacking community. Maybe I’ll look into other communities (Khaganat seems to be a really good one: Working around free content, in French, doubled with the occasional use of some constructed language that isn’t Ido or Esperanto (which I’m currently writing) (it’s lojban)).

Ok. I’m done now. Have a nice day.