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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Alpha

made by : mond

tags : Fixer, and Release

A difficulty hack released after 6 months of polishing and rebalancing the game around hard but fair challenges. A ton QoL features and mechanics are to be expected in this hack such as improved movesets, updated and Gen V+ moves, more generous stat curves, new TMs, and more diverse enemies in dungeon.

You can also expect mechanics such as GtI Exp. Share (by Irdkwia), Move Shortcuts (by End45) and Complete Team Control (by Cipnit/Jirt).

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See on the SkyTemple hack list (under the id alpha).




tags : Release

2.0.0 rc4


In case of team name selection not working in 2.0.0: ...

In case of team name selection not working in 2.0.0: “Game crashing at Team Name selection, urgent fix: Patch another rom with this version, save before Chap.2 Do the events until you can save your game again Switch back to the official release afterwards In case there's a crash in the game, just try using this patch to skip the current release crash NOT NEEDED IF YOU DON'T CRASH, THIS VERSION IS FAR LESS STABLE”

tags : Fixer



(look at the description of rc4 for a known issue) This release is 5000+ hours of development in 22 months, from planning to coding, also fighting against depression and anxiety sometimes (changelog included in the download)

tags : Release