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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Algernon XS

made by : glasses-freek-jr, gelius, emmuffin and kkzero

tags : base:explorers-of-sky-us, English, SkyTemple HackJam 1, Release, base:explorers-of-sky, and base:explorers

Team Sandwich presents...Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Algernon XS.

Despite constraints within our team, I was able to cobble together something from our planning, thus we present this brief little story sequence with a 9-floor dungeon. This is the opening to a tale of a group of dungeoneers, heading on their way for a visit to the doctor for Alger, the player character.

Three native-res screenshots included in the zip, as well as an xdelta for the US version of the game. Playtime around 5-10 minutes. Team Sandwich is: @Glasses Freek Jr., @Gelius, @emmuffin, and @kkzero.

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See on the SkyTemple hack list (under the id algernon).