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PMD Chip 2: Apple Alliance

made by : miju, filthy and pazkallan

tags : base:explorers-of-sky-us, English, SkyTemple HackJam 1, Release, base:explorers-of-sky, and base:explorers

What do an Apple-loving Bulbasaur and an Apple-stealing Staryu have in common? An Apple they BOTH want to get back, apparently!

Follow Emmy in PMD Chip 2: Apple Alliance, the highly(?) requested sequel to her adventure!

This hack was created by Team Portal, a team composed of: @Miju (20) @Filthy @PazK | Keisuke & Arata It features four short dungeons for a total of ~35 minutes of gameplay. The zip file contains the screenshots and a patch for the US version.

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See on the SkyTemple hack list (under the id chip2).