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Flight of the Bluebird

made by : big

tags : English, Release, and base:explorers

Content warning: moderate language.

Follow Bismuth the Swablu as he attempts to escape his village and its residents after an incident taking place during a yearly ceremony. This hack contains three dungeons, three endings, as well as one custom music piece by Solargress.

This is my first solo hack. I've done a small bit of work on Explorers of Pain, but this is the first time I've released something of my own. It is not recommended to play this hack on DS hardware at the moment, as there will be a moment in which save states are highly recommended.

Though this hack is complete enough in which it can be considered finished, there are a few things I may add/change in a future update, including:

• Dungeon balance changes or slight story modifications based on feedback (your feedback is highly valuable!) • Addition of save points • Returning the player to the menu after the credits, rather than locking them on a blank screen (this will only be considered if/when I add save points) • More bugfixes (PLEASE inform me of any bugs you come across)

This hack requires a US ROM. Hack Length: About 60 minutes.

See on the SkyTemple hack list (under the id bluebird).