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A Phione's Tale

made by : ele-nya

tags : base:explorers-of-sky-eu, English, Spanish, Release, base:explorers-of-sky, and base:explorers

It's a Phione's duty to protect the sea. However, they can't do their job properly without a Guardian's help - and this one seems unwilling to let them work by their side...

Follow the story of three Phione trying to earn the Guardian's trust!

This hack features a "normal" and "hard" mode for dungeons plus two support modes that provide Reviver Seeds or even makes your team unkillable if needed. It's about 3 hours long depending on your playstyle.

It's meant to be a precuel to my next Pokémon fangame - "Reminiscence" that you can follow at @pkmn_realidea on Twitter if you like. There you can report any bugs you come across (Discord also OK)!

An EU ROM is needed! Only English and Spanish languages are supported.

See on the SkyTemple hack list (under the id phione_tale).



base version


tags : Release