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Table of Contents

PMD’s Retooter

The PMD retooter ( is a bot account that allow people to share PMD related content with other people following the PMD retooter.

The functions are basic: mention PMDRT, and add “this” next to make the bot share the post. You can also reply to post, with the reply containing the mention then “parent” for the bot to share the original message. Example:

“This is a PMD Content this” will make @PMDRT retoot/share/boost the post.

Replying to some message with “This looks really good parent” will share the original (parent) message, to which this message is an answer too.

Note that it will only retoot message once, even if multiple answer ask it to retoot the original message.


There are a few basic rules. Some are from the server TOS itself, others are my own. If you break the rules, I (marius) will unretoot the message, send you a message with the rules, and eventually block you from the bot (note that only the person using a PMDRT command is concerned, the original poster, if different, is not impacted) :

1. Content shared should be related to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon or the broader Mystery Dungeon franchise.
2. Content share SHOULD NOT be pornographic and should not be… overly gore (note that this is quite vague…), even with content warning and the NSFW marker. In any case, you should use Content warning and mark your content as NSFW if appropriate.

You should also follow the server rules. They can be found on


This service is operated by marius851000 (contact on Feel free to content me in case you have any question.

The source code of the bot is available on

The bot is also hosted by me (living in France), in a server hosted by OVH in France (Gravelines).

I may open another bot dedicated to content that are… Too NSFW for this bots (those who break rules 2). I’ll think if it’s a good idea, and probably wait a bit to make sure the original bot work well.