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Commissions list

Caith Sith

On Twitter

It's 1 AM and I'm updating my commissions info, this time with new prices and non-PMD stuff! If you're already in my queue, any price changes won't affect you. Using Paypal as usual, and DM here or at Cait_Sith#4447 on Discord if interested!


By Alex in the SkyTemple Discord server

I do some cool tileset stuff. I've done a lot of animated dungeon tilesets, including both walls and floor anims. Hit me up if you ever have an idea for a tileset that you think is a bit too tough to do yourself.


On twitter,

I'm open ✨
🌼More info and order form:
🍑The current queue:
🌻 Gallery of my past works:
🍋 More about SkyTemple:


On the SkyTemple Discord server

Extra notes:

  1. Portraits for a Pokemon with an existing Normal portrait are $12 each.
  2. Giving an existing Pokemon the full set of animations a normal starter has would be around $300. This includes all 22 animations, offsets, and the xml file. It's a lot of work!
  3. Questions? Feel free to message me

JaiFain / DonkinDo

On twitter,

I'm JaiFain, Spriter and Pixelartist, handle many styles but focused on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ones (who i'm an active spriter on the romhacking community). Commissions are (most likely) always open!

Also, if you are into a PMD project, i can handle the overworld backgrounds on that (i know how to do tiles animation.

On PMDCollab’s guild

on celebration of pmd SpriteBot releases of gen 9 pokemon, i'm having a 2×1 commissions for spritesheets of Gen 9 pokemon and also individual animations. Contact me on my discord: JaiFain#9030 or on DMs on Twitter (@DonkinDo). Thanks to Sec for the sheet!

Nooga's portrait

In the SkyTemple Discord server

Be me
Want parts to build a new gaming PC
Parts require moolah

That's right folks, I'm opening commissions! (Might be best to open the image outside of discord to read it?). Please keep timezones in mind - although I might not be able to get to you instantly I'll typically be able to respond to queries within 48 hours. Be sure to read my TOS for more detailed information:

Use Ctrl+click to open the image in a new tab. Or right click → open in new tab

It's not primarily targeted at PMD portrait, but this is a possibility shown here. You can portraits by Nooga on the SpriteCollab interface, by searching Nooga.


Wyvernagon (aka Triss/Wyverna) ( ) used to make body and portraits

Moizing ( ) used to make portraits